How To Recover Permanent Deleted Files

How To Recover Permanent Deleted Files

Accidentally deleted an important file ! Don't hesitate one can easily recover it back. There are the several reasons by which our important file got damaged like System failure, Viruses , messing etc. In order to recover a lost or deleted file follow the following steps.

What To Do ? 

Don't worry off , just install an important utility program known as - Piriform's Recuva ( A Company which is known for awesome utility CCleaner).
                                                         Download the utility Recuva and Just Install it on your local hard drive.After Installing , Run the utility perform the scan for Tracing the deleted files , One can also run a deep scan ( In case file is not located by normal test ).

How To Recover Permanent Deleted Files

After Scan ->
How To Recover Permanent Deleted Files

Features :

  • Undelete Files on Computer
  • If you format the hard disk even then you can also recover the earlier files.
  • Recover deleted mails on outlook,thunderbird etc.
  • Recover Unsaved Word Documents.


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  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for sharing experience of using other recovery software. After lot of research, i feel by employing Remo Recover software you can easily restore permanently deleted files within few seconds.

  2. 1. Stop write anything to your harddrive,otherwise you will re-write the files and permanently loose your important data.

    2. Use some data recovery software like this one. My friends recommend it to me, it works pretty well. And then scan your hard drive with the program, set a destination folder (folder where recovered files will be saved) somewhere on your computer. When the scan was finished, it will return a file list, you can choose the files you want to recover.
    Hope this help!




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