Author : Gaurav Bhardwaj

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Gaurav Bhardwaj
Present Scenario :

Persuing Computer Science Engineering at CT Institute of Management and Technology

Areas Of Interests:

Web Developing , Programming , RDBMS , Social Networking

Specialization :

PHP ,HTML-5 ,CSS-3 , Javascript , Python , Jquery , Core Java , ORACLE

Social Media :

Google Plus

Recent Acheivements:
  • Selected As Firefox Regional Marketing Ambassador
  • Certified as IBM DB2 Associate
  • Certified as IBM RAD Associate
  • Created Website

Bio :

Hello everyone , I am Gaurav Bhardwaj , a passionate person about technology . I love to upgrade my skills everyday as technology is advancing day by day. I am very down to earth guy ,and my hobbies are listening to music , surfing internet , making new friends. Apart from technology , I love to enjoy as according to me – Enjoyment brings color to life.

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