Windows 8.1 Review – Hats Off Effort By Microsoft

Windows 8.1 Review - Hats Off Effort By Microsoft

Windows 8.1 is the next version of Microsoft’s Operating System after windows 8. Since the many users criticize the windows 8 , so Microsoft paid a lot of attention to user requirement and done a lots of efforts which reflects in windows 8.1 .

Pros  Cons
+ Start button Included - Freeze sometimes on heavy load                      
+ Lightening Fast Performance
+ Effective Multitasking
+ Customizable
+ New Features Included
+ Awesome App Store

Start Button

Microsoft have done mistake in windows 8 that they just messed with the start button and itfails to attract many people but they have realized their biggest mistake in windows 8 so, they have included an awesome start button into windows 8.1 .

Windows 8.1 Start Button

In windows 8 we have noticed that during start up it redirects the interface to the start screen instead of desktop , some of user liked the feature and some criticized . So Microsoft have shut up the mouths of critics by including an option in taskbar properties that we can redirect the interface to desktop instead of start screen.

Windows 8.1 Start Setting

Improved Multitasking

Windows Blue has a very splendid feature of Modern UI in which we can split the screen and run the two task simultaneously at same amount of time. Microsoft has focused attention on its UI and makes it more attractive and robust

Windows 8.1 Multitasking

Fully Customizable 

We have an independent choice to customize windows 8.1 unlike windows 8 , in which we cannot customize the start screen up to the extent we want. We can add the apps in start screen into groups , name them  apart from this we can also re-size it to the desired level. The background of start screen can easily be personalized , all the need we have to do is just navigate to start screen , open charms bar by hovering at right side then we have to choose settings option then navigating to personalize tab.

Windows 8.1 Personalization

Apps Updated

All the applications which were there in windows 8 were updated and several bugs which were noticeable in windows 8 are removed in this OS. Music , Weather , Photos etc apps are updated and the main issue of IE11 app in windows 8 is fixed . So we can add tabs more perfectly while navigating to internet via this app.

Windows 8.1 IE App

Solid Search

Search feature of the windows 8.1 is highly improved one can easily search for application , files , keywords and main thing we can search web too.

Windows 8.1 Solid Search


Windows 8.1 (Blue) is an awesome operating system by Microsoft Corporations. Several Improvements were created which were not there in its previous release i.e. Windows 8 . Windows 8.1 has included a start button , customization , solid search and mainly the high performance. If you are planning to upgrade to windows 8.1 ? I would definitely recommend you to go for this rock solid operating system.

Ratings :

4.5 Stars

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