Ubuntu 13.10 Review – Distro needs to be more Polished

Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander hits the market on October 17th , but it involves some minor improvements which leaves the distro Unpolished .

Pros Cons
+ Updated Dash - No Noticeable New features
+ Linux Kernel 3.11 - Problems on older machine
+ Smart Scopes Updated - Eats more memory than previous versions
+ Unity 7 Desktop Interface
+ Few Bugs Fixed

 Ubuntu is pretty most distro ever releases on six-months term cycle . Are you upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10 ? Ubuntu 13.10 failed to made some awesome improvements which leaves the distro unturned.

Ubuntu 13.10 Destop

New Linux Kernel

Canonical made the Ubuntu to run on new Linux stable kernel i.e. 3.11 which make it more power saver and gives it more performance. New Kernel along with unity 7 interface is the biggest Pro of Ubuntu 13.10. However , the kernel also fixes some of the bugs and I also appreciate canonical for solving the minor bugs in Ubuntu. Canonical have promised the user that it will make a drastic improvement over the next release Ubuntu 14.04 , which will release on April , 2014.

Unity gets Improvement 

Now Unity Interface has been upgraded 7 , which makes it more smarter and appealing , but it has also involves some bad graphics bugs over the older machines. On the modern machine it looks perfect and the smart scopes has been empowered in it.  Just an example , I would like to search for techalter.com over the dash , I just need to write a keyword or website It will give a suggestion in dash.
Ubuntu 13.10 Smart Scopes

Keyboard Layout has also been provided at the top of the screen to easily set a custom default keyboard layout. It involves new Icon over the top.

Ubuntu 13.10 Keyborad Layout

Eats more Memory Than Previous Versions

As we have seen Ubuntu is distro well known for its memory efficiency , but in Saucy Salamander the memory consumption is bit more than the previous version Ubuntu 13.04. I have tested on 2 GB of RAM as compared to previous version it consumes more RAM i.e  about 300+ MB with no usage and previous version’s consumes only less than 200 MB of RAM with little or no usage.
Ubuntu 13.10 Memory Consumption

Nautilus Gets Negligible Improvements:

 Nautilus as an default file manager gets little bit of improvements which makes it weird. There is no noticeable improvements over it.
Ubuntu 13.10 Nautilus

 Conclusion :

Summing up , Ubuntu 13.10 distro got less improvements , it has been upgraded to linux 3.11 version which makes it more power saver and enhance its performance. Unity has been upgraded to its 7th version but got slight noticeable improvements over smart scopes. Slight bugs are fixed which is very much appreciable.  
 If you are planning upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10? I would definitely recommend you to stick with Ubuntu 13.04 or Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS.
Rating :
3 Stars
3 cheers for this one !!

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