KGI Predicts — Thinner, Lighter iPad 5, iPad Mini with Retina Display

KGI’s Mingchi Kuo Predicts a slimmer iPad 5 with 20% lighter and thinner design than previous generations, down to around 7.5mm and 500 grams respectively and undergoing for a narrow bezel redesign just like iPad Mini.With that said, Mingchi also predicts iPad 5 with A7X 64-bit processor (more powerfull than current A7 64-bit on iPhone 5s) and upgraded camera sensor with large aperture.There is going to be no TouchID for iPad ? atleast for now according to Mingchi due to tight fingerprint sensor and gold casing production capacity.
iPad 5, iPad mini, haswell retina macbook pro             
            For  iPad Mini he says, iPad Mini is going to sport a Retina Display with 2048×1536 resolution same as that of iPad 4 along with A7 apple designed chip.
Forecast for new products doesn’t stops there, he says, there is a change that we will see Haswell equipted Macbook pro with Retina Display and camera upgrade from HD to full HD.
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