iPad Rules Tablet Ad Market with 91% Impression

iPad ad revenue

A new report from Opera states that iPad leads in mobile ad market share with whooping 91% of Ad impressions with Samsung at 6.11%, Acer at 1.15% and Others 1.54%. iPhone along gets 30.88% of traffic with 36.44% of revenue where as Android phone have captures 30.58% of impressions with 27.76% of revenue.

Mobile ad analytic firm Opera Mediawork said

Overall, iOS is the clear market leader in both impression volume and revenue generation, capturing nearly 44 percent of all ad impressions and almost half of all revenue,” at The state of mobile advertising.

Android web traffic

All of the iDevices together had 43.75% of traffic or impressions where as Android had 31.24% of impression with revenue 49.36% and 28.08% respectively.
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