Google will update their Terms and Conditions for Contents & Ads

Google Will Update Their Terms & Condition

Google has changed how your profile name and photo will appear in ads and reviews. Now your friends can see your name and photo or the reviews you shared or +1’d.
                      Your friends, family or others may only see this when you take some actions like +1’s or commenting or following something. Only those people can see this which you have chosen to share with, or you can simply share publicly.

You can control whether your image and name appears in ads via Shared Endorsement setting. Which can be located in setting on your google+ account easily. If the user set the feature to “on” google shares your actions with people you want.

Google Will Update Their Terms & Condition

Secondly, it says to avoid out services during activities which requires user’s full attention. Like driving

Lastly, google acknowledges users to keep your information safe and secure. Like don’t share your login details, as if done, user is liable for his loss. To secure yourself use 2-step verification login and application-specific passwords.

Google’s new Terms of Service will go live on November 11, 2013.

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