Free Online Encrypted Notepad Keeps Your Notes Secure

Free Online Encrypted Notepad Rocked

World Free Online Encrypted Notepad i.e Protected Text is a safest tool available on the web to store your text. It stores all your notes in the encrypted form and you can access it anywhere , all you need to know is the url and the password.

                                       In order to store the notes over the website you have to create any URL e.g if the URL doesn’t exist previously it will redirect you to save your notes online into encrypted format and after that it will prompt you to create the password for that very url corresponding to notes. If URL exists it will ask for password , so security chances is improved as someone needs to know your URL and password for accessing your notes.

                                       The special features of this tool is, it won’t send your passwords to their servers. It also won’t keep intact with the cookies and any advertisement. Moreover , it doesn’t use of any registration and user tracking hence making the process more simpler and faster.

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