Create bootable OS X Mavericks USB Installer

DiskMaker X create bootable Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion Installer USB for a clean install
App: DiskMaker X

Ever wanted to clean install OS X Mavericks without upgrading, Yes? then this App is for you “DiskMaker X“. The old methods used to create bootable Lion and Mountain Lion installer does not works with Mavericks. In this guide we will show you how to create Mavericks USB installer in a GUI based approach.

App Requirements:

  • 8 GB or larger USB Drive or separate 8 GB partition on external drive.
  • Mavericks Installer from the Mac App Store under Applications Folder.
  • Administrator account on the Mac which you are using to create installer.
  • DiskMaker X app which can be downloaded from here. This is available for free.
  • This app requires at least OS X 10.7 (Lion). Due to a bug under OS X 10.6.X this app will not be able to create bootable USB installer stick. There fore you have to have OS X version 10.7 or above.

Creating Bootable USB installer:

Insert your USB stick to the system.
Open up the App: DiskMaker X, which you have installed.
DiskMaker X
Click Mavericks (10.9).
DiskMaker X
Click Use this copy.
DiskMaker X
Click “An 8 GB USB thumb drive” of you are using USB drive or Another kind of disk if you are using any kind of external storage device. For this guide we are going with USB drive.
DiskMaker X
Select the drive which you wants to use as boot disk. In this case we are using usb named “Untitled”.
DiskMaker X
Click “Erase then create the disk”.
DiskMaker X
Click continue and enter your password. As this app requires Administrator privileges in order to create bootable drive.

DiskMaker X

Grab a cup of coffee, this is going to take a while depending on your hardware.

DiskMaker X
Now your installation media is ready. You can use this drive to clean install Mavericks OS X.

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