Analysis Of Best Operating Systems 2013

Operating system technically acts as an interface between hardware and our software part. There are many new operating system emerging in this technological world like android , firefox os etc. Deciding which OS is best is obvious a difficult task , In 2013 we have shortlisted the best operating systems that will be superb for your ultimate technological experience.

                                       The user always plays an important role in judging which OS is better . So ,we have surveyed operating system on the basis of number of users we have concluded

No of Users using OS 2013

 There are almost many users i.e about 49.6% of the worlds population uses linux as their primary OS. After linux , Windows is the most widely used OS , but its marketing has been declined after windows 8 which face many critics in the market during its launch, approximately it covers about 30.2% users across the globe.  Macintosh ranks after windows and covers approximately 18.9% users across the globe. Rest of the operating systems i.e Android , Firefox OS , iOS together covers almost 20% of user across the globe.



Trends of OS 2013

                                                                 As we see the trends of the operating system from 2010 -2013 then Linux is the only platform which shows a rapid rise . Windows has also trending but the rate declined in 2011-2012 due to windows 8 & with the introduction of windows 8.1 the rate again showed rise in 2013. Macintosh OS also showed a rapid rise in 2013 due to Mavericks.Other OS including Android,iOS,Firefox also gaining the control over the mobile market and it will surely shows shoot in rate of trend after 2013 as the technology is becoming more advanced and compact.


Obviously, taking number of users and trends into the account , the Best OS of 2013 is->
1. Linux
2. Windows
3. Macintosh

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