7 Amazing Mozilla Products That One Must Hands On


Mozilla is an open source, non-profit organization which provides an ultimate experience to technology. Mozilla is always engaged in making experience of web more stronger and powerful. There are many mozilla products and tools which can help you to feel the ultimate power of technology.

The 10 Amazing Mozilla Products which can enhance your experience in technology are

#1 Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is an awesome free and non profit web browser which is used by billions of user worldwide. Firefox browser is available for desktops and even mobiles including android OS. Firefox Browser has an wide range of support for HTML-5 and contributed by mozilla community.

#2 Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Second Amazing product is Firefox OS , it is just prettiest operating system for mobile devices. Firefox OS is revolutionized Operating system has a wide range of app and  it makes the engagement of the technology more robust.

#3 Marketplace


Mozilla has provided an ultimate experience of open source so anyone who have the skills to develop an app can design applications for firefox OS. Applications are based upon HTML-5 , JAVASCRIPT , CSS. Wide range of applications are currently present over marketplace.

#4 Persona


Mozilla has always transformed the static scenario of web to more colorful and dynamic. Mozilla Persona is a splendid sign in system for the web , it is more secure and simple . As it sign ups you with from existing account without evolving any need of passwords. This product is proven as easy for the web developers as it indulges itself into website with fewer line of code.

#5 Thunderbird


Mozilla’s well known application for safe , fast email i.e. Thunderbird  which comes as a  pre-installed software for many linux distros. With Thunderbird one can easily create and customize emails. Thunderbird is loaded with a lot of features.

#6 Webmaker


Mine favourite i.e Mozilla’s Webmaker – a web tool which allows you to create , customize and remix various webpages.Although we can also help others by teaching them. According to me, everyone must engaged to this tool of mozilla its just double awesome and very helpful for web aspirants over the globe.

#7 WebFWD


WebFWD an community driven innovation accelerator. It is basically designed for entrepreneur from a globe to provide a healthy bussiness.

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