Get Rid Of Ubuntu 13.04 Graphics (Blur) Problem

Ubuntu 13.04 is the latest distro from the canonicals . If you are currently running It , you might have noticed that there is slight graphics problem which is related to blur in the dash panel & whenever you attempt to shut down the computer then the transparency of shutdown dialogue box there is blur image.

Follow up this simple steps to get rid of this problem .

Here is some screenshots of the above problem.

Get Rid of Ubuntu Graphics Problem

Here you can notice a small square type blur under shut down dialogue box

Get Rid of Ubuntu Graphics Problem

In this , you can notice under the dash panel , under the hood , left side of the bottom of dash you can notice a small blur type thing .


1. Install CompizConfig Settings manager .

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

2.  Open CompizConfig Settings Manager -> Select Ubuntu Unity Panel .

3. Select Dash blur & Set it to No Blur.

4.  Problem is fixed .

Get Rid of Ubuntu Graphics Problem

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