Zorin OS 6.2 an Awesome Alternative To Windows

Linux Zorin OS is pretty awesome distribution , perfect for the users want to access linux from windows

Zorin OS latest stable version is 6.2 , an it is really very fast & robust . It have a little bit resemblance with windows Operating system . If you are currently accessing windows and want to try out linux than  this operating system will be a great option to you.

Now main difference between windows and Zorin OS is that it is pretty fast linux distro , takes few seconds to load & shut down. Generally , the zorin OS is based upon ubuntu , an elegant distro of canonical. You have might see that windows comes up with high system requirements & high installation size , by which some older pc’s remains incompatible with it. But Zorin OS comes up with installation size of 1.3 GB , which is pretty good because it contains some relevant built in softwares like:

  • Rythmbox music player
  • Movie player
  • Audio & Graphics support
  • Libre office
  • GIMP editor
  • WINE ( For Accessing Windows Applications )
  • Play On Linux ( For Accessing Windows Games )
  • And lots more features.

The Default look of Zorin OS is very much similar to windows

Zorin OS 6.2

The System Requirements of Zorin OS 6.2 are :

For the GNOME based versions (non Lite):

700 MHz x86 processor

3GB of Hard Drive space

376 MB of system memory (RAM)

Graphics card capable of 640×480 resolution

Sound card

For the LXDE based versions (Lite):

266 MHz x86 processor

2GB of Hard Drive space

128 MB of system memory (RAM)

Graphics card capable of 640×480 resolution

Sound card

Pros :

  1. Faster Navigation Speed
  2. Great Looks
  3. Awesome Animations
  4. Built In Software Support
  5. EXE files support
  6. Can Run Windows Grames
  1. The Start Applet will take almost 10s to load on startup.
  2. The Dragging of windows shows shadows.
If you want to try out Zorin OS , just download it from the following links & test it using live dvd or usb.
Download Zorin OS 
32 bit     |    64 bit

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