Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Latest Updations

Ubuntu is well known linux distro developed by canonical corporations . The recent upcoming version of ubuntu is ” Ubuntu 13.04 ” with codename ” Raring Ringtail ” . The finalized date for this version of ubuntu is in end of April 2013. There has been various improvements in this version of ubuntu & it will promised to be most memory efficient OS as suggested by canonical.

We are covering each of the updations that are currently in progress in this version of ubuntu.

1. Changes In Ubuntu Dash Icon :

The Dash icon of Ubuntu has been changed to more attractive & appealing icon.

Ubuntu 12.10
Ubuntu 12.10
Ubuntu 13.04
Ubuntu 13.04

2. Tuned Up Their Icons :

Icons got a drastic changed the icons nature has been tuned up with 360 degrees. The icons got more elegant style & looks more smarter than the previous one.

Ubuntu 12.10 Icons
Icons In Unity Panel Ubuntu 12.10 Precise Pangolin
Ubuntu 13.04 Icons
Icons In Unity Panel Ubuntu 13.04

3. Shut Down & Restart Dialogue Box Got Transparent Box :

The dialogue box indicating , whether you want to switch off or restart your pc has got more graceful appearance with the transparency feature. It is the most significant updations in ubuntu which makes it unique from its previous versions ( till 12.10 pangolin precise ) .

Ubuntu 13.04 Shut Down Dialogue Box

4. Dash Icons Got Unique style :

The dash in ubuntu 13.04 , indicating the applications , files etc. got a twistic style. The search produces much faster results as it produces earlier.

Ubuntu 13.04 Dash Improvements

5. Nautilus Got Many Improvements :

Nautilus a default file manager got many changes in its design & icons . It looks more user friendly than its previous version.

Ubuntu 13.04 Nautilus Improvements
Note : Everything is fine in ubuntu 13.04 but its seems bit slow . While we hope , this will also be improved when the Ubuntu 13.04 arrives.
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