Top Linux Distros 2013 ( Updated )

Which Linux Distros Is Best For You

Linux is the trending platform , in which most of the operating systems are getting developed. This is because of its open source and many other advance features. There are almost 20,000+ distros which are emerging & uses linux kernel. 

Linux is adopted by millions of users because of its awesome features which gives a tough competition to Windows ( A Paid Operating System ). If you are new to linux , then you should know that a better distro is considered on this creterion , which is as follows.
  • Performance
  • Graphics
  • Stability *
  • More Features
So we have covered all of these aspects to provide you the list of better linux distros.

Based on the certain criterion & analysis we have concluded that the order of the ranking of distros are as follows:

1. Zorin Os


If you like windows operating system then you must try out the distro named Zorin . It is also known as window like linux operating system. It has also pretty features & involves window like start button with solid search. Zorin uses much faster desktop environment which is more user friendly

Download Zorin

2. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is the popular distribution developed by canonical corporation. It is the pretty elegant distro with high stability. Ubuntu is based upon debian linux & has millions of users.

Download  Ubuntu

3. Linux Mint 

Linux Mint 14

Linux mint , a ubuntu based linux distro . If you want to know about it , i'll simply say its polished ubuntu. Linux mint developers has enhanced the version of ubuntu , provided more software packages built in. It comes with two lighter desktop environments named as MATE & cinnamon.

Download Linux Mint 

4. Open-SUSE 

Open Suse Linux

It is the enterprise OS & in  our #4 position . It has derived from linux distro named as slackware. Open-Suse is developed by Novell Os devlopers. It comes with KDE desktop environment.

Download Open-Suse

5. Fedora 

Fedora Project

Fedora is a highly attractive linux distro having brilliant graphics & lighter desktop environment which makes it highly fast. It is originated from Red hat Corporations leader in linux market. Fedora has 6-month release cycle.

Download Fedora

6. Cent-OS 

Cent Os

Cent OS is enterprise linux distro , developed by red hat corporations. It has lighter desktop environment but ugly looks . The desktop effects in cent os are mind blowing. If you love speedy distro , not graphics then you shoud use Cent Os.

Download Cent-OS

Thats all with the stable linux distros , which is very much prettier according to my experience . If you have any other better operating system suggestions , leave a comment below!


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  1. Zorin Os is a great distro. Stable, Elegant, Fast & the thing i like the most about this distro: It has all the media codecs pre-installed. What else?

  2. Nice man, nice...
    Zorin is powerful, easiness, eye candy, fast. Just wait Zorin 7 launch, some info it's base on Ubuntu 13.04 + kernel 3.8.
    But to put it in #1 ?, its another consideration, especially Mint 14 Mate which great compatibility (at least in my PC ;P). Another runner up for no.1 (IMO) is PCLinuxOS. Maybe if create this post, i will put #1 Mint Gnome, #2PCLinuxOS/Zorin.
    Btw, somehow i like Open Suse, it's just like deliver 'professional envy', my recent problem on it is, i cannot install ATI Proprietary driver on it, and i prefer much to Synaptic than YaST.
    Btw, nice info, keep updating...

  3. debian is most powerfull linux distro, with elegant interface, best perfomance and power save energy.




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