Install XAMPP Server On Linux

XAMPP is a best server for building php applications . XAMPP stands for ‘X’ means platform , ‘A’ stands for apache , ‘M’ for mysql , ‘P’ for PHP & ‘P’ for Perl. If you want to install XAMPP on any linux distro then follow this easy & effective steps.

There are many servers available for running PHP on linux but the best one is XAMPP. The steps for installing are as follows:


1. Download the latest package of XAMPP from the above links.

2. Copy The above downloaded tarball file to the home directory .

3. Now Open Terminal By Pressing CTRL+ALT+T & Execute following commands.

sudo su 
tar xvf xampp-linux-1.8.1.tar.gz -C /opt

Where 1.8.1 is the version number.

4. In order to execute server , execute following command in terminal.

sudo su 
/opt/lampp/lampp start

5. Open Your Browser & Type localhost , to test the server .

If you have certain queries or suggestions , feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

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