Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard – What A Technology

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard

Smartphones , i-pads and i phones offers a supreme computing powers. But in the practical terms they are hard to use. Writing a long articles can be a pain from the small keyboard , which can be solved by cube laser virtual keyboard.  Lets have the complete specifications of this new technology .

Whenever it is connected to the tablet or i pad via Bluetooth , it throws a red laser projection on any surface to project a qwerty palm sized keyboard. Which enables us to boost our work & an effective environment.

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard
Magic Cube !

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility – i phone 3GS/4 ,  Windows XP,Vista,7,8  , Android 2.0 or higher , Blackberry Tablets , Mac , Windows phone.
  • Interface – Bluetooth , USB 2.0
  • Detection Rate – Up to 400 character per minute.
  • Battery backup : Almost 150 hours.
  • Charges via USB.
  • Keyboard Layout – 19 mm sized qwerty layout.
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