Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem – Solved

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

If you are using any version of windows after windows xp , you might get effected by an error message saying ” Windows Detected a hard disk problem ” . This error message got generated if you have a faulty hard disk. But may of the user report problem , that this error message is generated despite they have a hard drive consisting of correct sectors. The main drawback of this error is that , it is continuously execute after every 5-10 min & is very annoying .

If you are one who is facing this error , then you can easily stop it . This error message doesn’t upset you anymore . For that you have to follow this simple steps .


1. Press Win+R , type gpedit.msc & Click on ok.


2. Navigate the left side & locate the above listed path .

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Troubleshooting and Diagnostics > Disk Diagnostics 

Disk Diagnostics

3. Double click on both of the listed settings & Click on Disable , by default it is set to not configured or enabled.

Settings                                                               ->  Set It To

Disk Diagnostic :Configure Custom alert text        ->  Disabled

Disk Diagnostic :Configure Execution Level          ->  Disabled

Set It to disabled

4. Now that’s all you have successfully disabled that error message.

Note : Do At Your Own Risk. This will just remove an error message , in long term get your hard disk checked by a manufacturer.

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