Recover Your Lost or Deleted Partitions

Recover Your Lost or Deleted Partitions - ITTWIST

Partitioning of a hard drive is a very important technique by which you can easily delete , modify , create , re-size your partitions. Partitioning is to be done very carefully , if you selected a wrong partition , accidentally deleted it then it must be very painful to you that you have deleted a wrong partition . Need not to worry about if you have done it. You can easily recover it be a few simple steps.

There are many ways by which one can delete partitions like.
  • Messing With hard drives.
  • Installing an Operating system , this is one of the most important issue by which user accidently deletes there partitions. Some operating systems doesn't gives gui based hard disk partitions.So chances of deletion of a hard drive have a bright chances.
If you are one of them who did these things , then below are very simple steps by which you can locate your deleted partition & easily recover them.


1. Download & Install Ease US Partition Master Home Edition From Here.

2. Run Ease US Partition Master.

3. Locate The Unallocated File Systems with more disk space & Select it.

4. Right click on that unallocated File Systems & Click On Partition Recovery.


5. Follow the Partition Recovery steps , Locate your deleted drive & Recover it.

Locate Your Lost or Deleted Partitions - ITTWIST 

*This Will Recover Your Deleted Partitions Along With Confidential Data

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  1. Hi,

    Thanx for the article .But is it possible to recover partition after installing windows without regeneration of some viruses which is deleted earlier .A tool with such capacity is good in performing this .The demo version of that tool is provided here...

  2. Hi,
    This software sounds good but when I have faced data loss, I have used Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software. This software's features are really good. It protected me from facing heavy data loss. It recovered deleted partition and also all the files present in it without leaving a single one. According to me, this software is the best answer for the question how to restore deleted partition. I would recommend this software to everyone who have deleted partition, accidentally or intentionally. Follow the link given below.

    1. Thanks For Sharing an another software :)




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