Prevent PC From Freeze Or Crash

Prevent PC From Freeze Or Crash -ittwist

We commonly see that our PC suffers from the problem of crashing , which can be ignored for a while & you might not know that it can turn into a serious problem . It can destroy your all data , We are providing you with the awesome tricks by which you can prevent your PC from Crashing or Freezing .

Why Our PC Hangs ?

Generally , our computer freezes maximum due to memory problems ie., When our RAM has too much data that is almost completed RAM size then we commonly experience freeze or hang problem

Secondly , When our hard drive contains bad sectors , corrupt segments then our PC hangs. This is the main reason why our PC hangs

When our PC has corrupt sectors in the default drive , then there is the difficulty to read the information from the primary hard drives containing system files. Therefore , our PC fails to load some needed system files and applications due to corrupt hard drive sectors. So, our PC hangs .

How To prevent System From Hang ?

It Is rightly Said that ” Prevention Is Better Than Cure “. So if you don’t want  freezing or annoying problems in future try these simple steps:

1. Clean RAM :

Boost up your RAM by releasing some least used priority programs . You’ll need software for releasing RAM , in order to release RAM without any software , You can also do It. There are enormous ways by which you can clean your RAM , one of the easiest method is to clean RAM via Notepad.


2. Run Check Disk Regularly :

Check disk ( CHKDSK ) is a default utility in windows by which you can examine your hard disk and repair some bad sectors from it.

In order to execute Check Disk , Open Command Prompt & Enter chkdsk command , Press ENTER.

3. Defragment your Hard disk :

Optimize your hard disk by running defragment commands . Generally this is very good Utility to speed up your computer & Prevent Our PC from huge Damage.

In Order To Run this utility , Press WIN+R & Type dfrgui.exe , Press Enter

Run this Utility on weekly basis.


4. Run Memory Test :

 Run memory test on windows on weekly basis , by this we can easily optimize our problems related to memory.
To Run It Press WIN+R & Type MdSched.exe hit Enter.


5. Repair Your Corrupted System Files :

 Generally in our Computer , we install variety of softwares , which can changes our system files , Registry & leads to various system programs .  In order to Fix It Run The System scan by which our corrupted system files can be recovered.

In Order to Run It , Press WIN+R Key & Type SFC /SCANNOW , Press Enter.

6. Antivirus Software:

Last But Not Least Get strong “UPDATED” antivirus software. Antivirus software must be updated , Generally Our IT sector is enhancing so technology that produce virus is also advancing , So if you have any old antivirus , it cannot detect the latest virus.So Make sure you have updated antivirus , that can detect newer virus & remove them.

To Choose Antivirus :

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