No Free MBR Slot Error While Creating Partition

In our computer system , we usually divide our hard disk into partitions . There are three kinds of partitions ie., primary , logical and extended .There must be 4 primary partitions in our computer & many logical partitions .This error message got generated when there is already 4 primary partition & you are creating an another  partition. If you are getting this error message while creating a partition then follow these easy tips to get rid of this problem .

It might be very confusing to you , but let me explain the procedure . If you have already 4 primary partitions , then you have exceeded the number of primary partitions . If you attempt to create an another partition then you will get error "There are no free MBR slots available on the hard disk". So ,there is only one way available that is to convert primary partition into logical partition.

Convert your primary partition into logical one. There are many partition tools available in the market but few are offering this option.So I am going to provide you one tool by which you can convert your primary partition to another type.


1. Download a powerful tool known as Ease US Partition from here.

2. After this run this tool & select your any primary partition ( Select where OS is not installed ).

Ease US

3. Convert it to logical one.

4. Now create your partition , you will not get that message again.


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  1. but I hav 3 primary partitions and still getting this msg..actually I stupidly changed my recovery to logical now its nt working(plus I had nt made my recovery disks)so I guessed if I again make it primary may be it work...will it?...and I have 5
    1.c having win 8(which hav I now inst previous was 7)
    2.hp tools
    3. recovery
    4.sys reserve
    5 my data..its is logical n also recovery,,other are primary
    p.s.....I clean installed window didn't touch recovery bt its not working is its bcz of installation of new win

    1. Hello Nudrat , No Need To Panic About This Topic Coz We are Here To Help You.. Can You Please Upload The Screenshot of Your Partition Table On Our Facebook Page so that we can view it

  2. pls help recover my recovery and my hp tools are nt also working...I have use many tools easus,mini tool recovery bla me set my partitins right

  3. I have 4 primary partition C (windows) and D (Recovery) and there's two partitions that I can't (I can only see using partitioning program) which are 200 mb (System) and 100mb (HP_tools).....
    so what should I do, can I convert one of these to logical??




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