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Turbo C++ for Windows -ITTWIST

Turbo C++ is the C,C++ compiler used in many schools , colleges & Universities. There are mainly two versions of Turbo C++ ie., Turbo C++ 3.0 , which is in the blue screen & Turbo C++ 4.5 Which is improved & enhanced version of Turbo C++ . Many of the students got confused which compiler has to be used for learning C++/C . Now , We’re going to provide you which is the better version of Turbo C++ & its installation steps.

Turbo C++ 3.0 has been used by many C++/C programmers , since it is old compiler. With the introduction of the new technology it has undergoes different disadvantages.

1. It Losses its Compatibility on newer Operating System , since it was 16-bit application.
2. If you Run it using DOS-BOX on newer machines , then you suffer mouse freeze problem.
3. It has outdated error handling techniques.
4. It suffers enough problem while executing file handling, exception Handling.

So , being a programmer you should shift to an advanced version of Turbo C++ ie., Turbo C++ 4.5 . It has various advantages.

1. Improved Error Handling Techniques, Compiler Can easily handles it.
2. Compatible with newer machines ie., Windows 7/8.
3. No Need of DOS-BOX , since it is 32/64 bit supported application.
4. Easy to use for handling files & exceptions.


To install Turbo C++ on your Pc follow these steps:

1. Download Turbo C++ 4.5 from here.

2. Now extract the .zip file with WinRAR or 7zip extractor.

3. After Going to Inner folder locate install.exe , Double click on it & start the installation.

Turbo C++ for Windows Installation -ITTWIST

4. Install the Turbo C++ 4.5 on your primary partition.
5. To Run Turbo C++ 4.5 , if you have install it on C:/ then open C:/TCWIN45/BIN/TCW.exe


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