Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu 12.04/12.10/13.04

Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu

In Ubuntu operating system there is Mozilla Firefox as the default desktop browser , but majority of users like Google chrome . Google chrome has various features which includes its.
  • Stability
  • Robustness
  • Fast Speed
If you want to install Google chrome in your Ubuntu PC then follow this steps.

Most of the Ubuntu users install any software which is available in its software center. But there is no option of Google chrome in the software center ( There is an option of chromium browser ) which is similar to Google chrome but has many disadvantages. So it is recommended , to install Google chrome via terminal.
1. Open the terminal window by Pressing CTRL+ALT+T

2. Now , there are two packages of Google chrome available.
Google Chrome 32-bit
Google Chrome 64-bit

If you are using Ubuntu 32 bit edition then enter the following command in the terminal.


If you are using Ubuntu 64 bit edition then enter the following command in the terminal.


Usually by executing this command in the terminal, you have downloaded the package.

3. After Downloading, to install the Google Chrome execute the following code.

sudo dpkg -i google-chrome*

If this command fails to install google chrome, then execute the following command in the terminal

sudo apt-get install -f

Google Chrome Ubuntu

For Users Using Ubuntu 13.04  ,


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  1. If you would have tested, Google Chrome latest stable doesn't works in Ubuntu 13.04 as it's need rebuild because of some dependencies problems.

    1. I am Using Ubuntu 13.04 beta2 but there is no problem related this

    2. I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 64bits final release and that is stil happening :(

  2. you left off the 'wget' in front of the 64-bit Chrome download.

    Thanks for this. Works a treat...

    1. Thanks for telling Us. Your comment worth a lot :)

  3. It does not work for me with Raring beta 2 (Kubuntu). I get a dependency error whether I use wget or download directly from Google. I does not work using the commandline or Gdebi/ Software Centre.

    I have all of the recent updates installed. The dependency problem is libudev0 >= 147.

  4. Hi it's still not working on ubuntu 13.04 followed your steps.. still not.

  5. For a clean installation of Ubuntu 13.04, Google Chrome shall not be able to install since that it's dependency has be superseded. Please see:

    Anyone who wanna to install Chrome on Ubuntu 13.04, you can try the .deb you can found in the above link. I didn't try it, because I'd installed Chrome by another method, you can refer to below linkage:

  6. Cool, chrome was not installing, so i did "apt-get install -f" and my problem is solved. Thanks!!!!

  7. Dahh... Install Opera that is better tan Google Chrome, it has more features and more stability, the All-In-One Browser.




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