Impress Your Friends By Changing Hard Drive Icon

Impress Your Friends By Changing Hard Drive Icon

Many of us are owning windows operating system , in which we can customize everything but we cannot customize the default hard drive icon . So In this article i would like to tell you how to change the default hard drive icon to more elegant one.

Before starting the process , Download some beautiful collections of the icons & make any icon as your default hard drive icon.
There are several websites that provides bundle of icons , but some safe websites are:
Downloaded icon must be in .ico format
To change the icon of the hard drive lets follow a  simple procedure.

Default Drive Icon

1. Copy the downloaded .ico file into the hard drive , whose icon you want to change.
eg.,  D:/facebook.ico                   { If you want to change D Drive icon}

2. Now Open Notepad & type the following code:

Notepad Instruction

3. After this save it as autorun.inf  in the same drive in which icon file is copied.

eg.,  D:/autorun.inf                              { If you want to change D Drive icon}

Drive Containing Set Of Files
4. Thats all you have finished the coding part to change the drive icon . Now Simply REBOOT your PC to make changes to take effect.
5. Now Impress your friends by showing different icon hard drive.

Changed Icon Of Drive
If you want the default icon back then delete those two files {icon & autorun.inf } then right click on that drive -> Click On Properties -> move to Customize Tab -> Click On Restore Defaults & Click OK. After finishing this Again Reboot Your PC to make changes effect.
Restore Defaults To Undo Changes

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