How To Increase Page Rank Of Your Website ?

Google Page Rank

Google Provides an ranking criterion , which judges how reputable a website is ?  , that ranking is known as Page Rank . The Ranking usually provided in the scale ranging from 0 to 10 . Where 0 Is the lowest rank & 10 is the highest Rank for a website. Google update their page rank 3-4 times a year , and in every updates the page rank of the website increases or decreases. Google doesn’t updates website page rank regularly like alexa does.

Most of the bloggers or website developers be worry about their Google page rank. Newcomers to the website development field also eagerly want their google page rank to increase . If you are looking for the most significant tips to increase your page rank ,then we are providing you some basic tricks by which you can increase your Google Page Rank & makes your website more reputable.

How Page Rank of a website is Calculated ?

Generally Page rank of a website is calculated on the basis of how many reputable incoming & outgoing links linking to a particular website. If you have a large number of reputable website linking to your website , more is your page rank.

Lets see what matt cuts explain about google page rank update.


How To Increase ?

To increase the page rank of your website , I would like to draw your attention to some steps that you have to strictly follow.
1. Generate Back links :
Back links is the better way to increase your page rank  Generally Back links is the incoming links , inbound links, inward links to a website. The most effective tip for generating Back link is blog commenting , comment on high reputable blogs by leaving your website link .

Always comment on reputable websites having at least one page rank . Don’t try to comment on spammy websites , generally commenting on spammy website can make your website blacklisted . In short , Always generate back links on reputable website.

More links you have on the reputable website , more is the tendency of increase in PR.

2. Exchange your links with high reputable websites :

Exchanging links with other reputable website is an immense good. Have a deal with another high page rank websites to link with your websites . Having a 6 PR or above websites link on your website can make your website to earn at least 1 PR.

3. Submit Your Website To Dmoz :

Dmoz is the number 1 web directory to list your website. Dmoz is also known as Open Directory Project . Now it is highly reputable web directory , when your website is listed on dmoz it creates a huge impact on SEO , as well as it helps you to achieve high page rank.

4. Always Keep Your Websites :

If you are aiming to achieve a high page rank , then its important to keep your website up . Apart from this , always make at least one post a day.

5. Avoid The Illegal Tactics : 

There are many people who use illegal tactics to increase their page rank , like commenting on the malicious sites & This will create a negative impression to your website. Always use a fair means to aim for high page rank.

6. Guest Post On High PR Websites :

There are many high page rank reputable websites which offers guest post . So Posting your article there can increase your website PR.

Generally when you Guest post on the high PR website you can make a link to your website . So indirectly you have generate a back link on that website.

There  are many reputable websites that offers guest posts like.

1. Wiki how
2. Ezinearticles 

7. Write A Unique Content :

In order to achieve high rank always write a unique content for your website. Don’t even try to copy any article & image over the web. Use your own well-written content.

Continuously use this technique for 2-3 months & notice a drastic change in google page rank.

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