How To Hide Text In An Image

How To Hide Text In An Image

In this Technological world , there is a biggest threat to the securities . Everyone use different strategies to hide their confidential data from the public. Now if you are accessing computer in cafes,colleges,schools or any other public area then your data saved their is prone to a threat , that everyone can read out your data . Now if you have any code or information that you want to save on the public computer then use an important technique by which you can hide your confidential data in an Image file (.jpeg, .png etc) , this might sound cool to you.


Follow these simple steps to hide your confidential data to an image file :
1. Open Command Prompt ( cmd.exe ) with an administrator privileges.
Opening Cmd
2. Now copy an image file in a specific directory , in which you want to append a text.
eg., We are using a file name ittwist.png in the C:/ drive.
C Drive Containing Image
3. Enter a following code in the command prompt instructing a following message or data to be append in that image.
echo Your_Confidential_data >> Image_Name.png

Cmd Command To Execute
4. Now open the following image in Wordpad ,observe the end line of that file. You will notice your text will begin to appear there.  

Result =>

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