How Google Drive Works

How Google Drive Works - ITTWIST

Google drive is a place where you can share your files and folders with yourself or public . It lets you to store your cool stuff online , and access that content from any part of the world. Now say bye to uploading email attachments and share all files at once with your friends by uploading it to Google drive. Generally , Google Drive offers up to 5 GB storage capacity and beyond that storage capacity they charge you a genuine price.

So simply share whatever you want , if you don’t have a Google drive for your PC simply get it by Signing In to your Google account & visiting this link

Google drive provides a powerful cloud storage online & has various advantages
  • Free Cloud Storage Upto 5GB .
  • Share files with your friends with a single click .
  • Create spreadsheets, documents & share with people that you want.
  • More Secure – Just hide your cool stuff from the unwanted people.
  • Share the files right from your desktop. 

Besides having a certain advantages let me tell you that on which basis Google drive works.

Operating System Supported:

There are many operating system that works as a charm with google drive.
Windows    : Windows 95/98/XP/NT/2000/7/8
Linux          : Ubuntu , Fedora , Debian etc.
Macintosh  : Mountain Loin , Snow Leopard etc.

How It Works ?

Now before starting , lets have a brief introduction to Google drive . Lets see the full exploration of Google drive. 

Simply , Google drive works on the concept of cloud computing which follows pay as you go procedure but it offers free storage up to 5 GB.

Now when you upload specific file on the Google drive right from your desktop with internet connection , it tries to maintain a synchronization with the drive by examining “Is any new files and folders are available on your google drive “.Once sync is maintained , the file will get uploaded to your account. Now Its depends upon you what you want.

a.) File or folder with yourself only.
b.) File or folder with friends.
c.) File or folder with everyone (Public).

If you are accessing google drive without internet connection , then that very particular file or folder get uploaded to your drive but visible on your desktop only , whenever a necessary internet connection is made available then your stuff ( Files or folders ) got uploaded to your online google drive account.

Google drive always keep in touch with your computer by ensuring that files and folders available on the drive is up to date.

If you have any further suggestions or queries , leave a comment below !

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