Easy Way To Fix Broken Zip Files

Easy Way To Fix Broken Zip Files - ITTWIST

We usually download large files over the internet , but most of the site publisher has compressed the file into the suitable .zip or .rar file so that the size of the file can reduced. There may be possibility occur when you download large files over internet & it appears to broken . So there is no possibility left except to Re-download , and it is very painful process. Why to re-download if you can fix previous downloaded file.

We are providing you a free useful tool by which you can recover your broken zip file . We have tested the software to recover a 1 GB mp3 songs file , it works smoothly & recovered my zip file. So it saves our time consumption.

In order to recover your zip files follow the above procedure.

How To Install ?

1. Download a free utility known as “Disk Internals Zip Repair ” from the provided download link.

Easy Way To Fix Broken Zip Files Download- ITTWIST

2. Now Run the Utility & follow the installation steps.

3. After Installing Run the above Utility & provide the path of the corrupted file & path of repaired file.

Easy Way To Fix Broken Zip Files Run- ITTWIST

4. Now your each & every file in the zip file is checked & repaired , it will be saved on another path.

Easy Way To Fix Broken Zip Files repair- ITTWIST

Thats it , Enjoy your recovered zip file.

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