Boost Up Windows 8 Startup Speed

If you have upgraded your PC to windows 8 then you might have seen it takes few seconds to boot up. Increase your Windows 8 start up speed more prominently by enabling hibernation. Hibernation is a mode in which your current content goes from Random Access Memory to hard disk & it retains its state upon start up.

How To Do ?

Now follow some easy steps by which you can enable fast start up of your computer along with hibernation facility.

1. Press Start button & search for “Change what the power buttons do” .

Search For Required Option

2. Now Click On ” Change Settings that are currently unavailable “.

Click On Change Settings

3. Check the two options
– Turn on fast start up ( Recommended )
– Hibernate

Turn On Fast Startup & Hibernate

4. Click on Save Changes & reboot your PC.

That’s It you have enabled fast start up of windows 8 along with hibernation.

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