Boost Up Computer Speed By Cleaning RAM In Notepad

Boost Up Computer Speed By Cleaning RAM in Notepad - ITTWIST

We already know that RAM is the basic hardware that holds the data , which is going to be executed in CPU. Now when Memory Fill up 80%+ or completely, our system becomes unresponsive because it has huge amount of data in it . So in order to free up the memory we need some softwares which easily clean up our RAM & boost up system speed . Now we have a simple trick by which you can simple boost up your computer performance by freeing up your memory via notepad.


Here is the list of the steps by which you can easily boosts up your system speed by freeing up your RAM

1. Open Notepad ( Default Text Editor In Windows ).

2. Type This Code into it.

FreeMem=Space(102400000)   If you have 1 GB RAM
FreeMem=Space(51200000)     If you have 512 MB RAM.
FreeMem=Space(204800000)   If you have 2GB RAM.

Notepad Code - ITTWIST

3. Save the above file as Ramboost.vbs

Boost Up Computer Speed By Cleaning RAM in Notepad File - ITTWIST

4. Run The above file & Optimise your computer speed


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  1. it is very important to Speedup Computer because user do not like slow computer

  2. what about computers with 4gb's of RAM ?

    1. You can't but you can clear upto 1GB of RAM .

    2. FreeMem=Space(409600000) for 4GB RAM

  3. does it will harm any saved things

  4. what can i do for a 4 gb ddr3 ram?




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