Better Way To Post Empty Status or Comments On Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media website having 500 million visitors per day . If you are on facebook , then impress your friends by posting an empty status , comments or messages. Previously , we have shared one method for posting empty status , now try the new method which is related to the core concept of Unicode ( Deals with null character).

How To Post ?

1. Go to the text-box , in order to post blank status.


2. Having cursor on the text-box , hold the ALT key & Press 0 1 7 3 , one by one ( means holding ALT key , first type 0 then 1 then 7 then 3 ). The Numbers have to be pressed are of the numeric pad ( Right hand side of keyboard )

Key Combination

3. After completing second step , click on Post button.

Empty Status

In order to post blank comment or message repeat the above steps

Empty Status & Comment

If you have any queries or suggestions , post a comment below !

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