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Best Browser Win 8 -ITTWIST

Windows 8 has a major problem of web browser , they consumes too much memory while executing. Now i am going to share with you the most memory efficient operating system in windows 8 . There are various web browsers like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox which consumes 200+ MB of RAM due to memory leakage.

 Memory efficiency is the most important in order to gain performance. Your Windows 8 mostly crashes due to Web browser since it consumes more RAM . Generally , The programs which is in the ram are going to be executed by CPU. So Its very important to choose better web browser which has all the support of the latest web technologies like HTML-5 & CSS-3 along with the memory efficiency.

Generally we have tested all the browsers on our machine & most of the browser hangs because of memory leakage. So we are going to provide you the list of the better browsers , before this have a look in some performance tests of the browsers in windows 8 Shown by the task Manager

Performance Test Firefox :

We have tested Mozilla Firefox on Windows 8 & concluded that it uses only one process in Task Manager .
We have concluded that in 1 Tab , Mozilla Firefox 18.01 consumes about 52 Mb’s of RAM in Windows 8.
Mozilla Proof Task Manager -ITTWIST

Performance Test With Google Chrome :

After having a results with Mozilla , we have tested Windows 8 along with Google chrome & Noticed  that Google chrome consumes about 19 Mb’s in 1 Tab while it generates heavy programs in its background processes.Google Chrome Consumes Almost 64 Mb of RAM In Windows 8. 

Chrome Proof Task Manager -ITTWIST

Performance Test With IE 10 :

We have also tested windows 8 with the internet explore 10 the default browser. It has been tremendous change in this version of internet explorer , microsoft made its web browser more memory efficient. Internet Explorer consumes very less memory almost 26 Mb .

IE10 Proof Task Manager -ITTWIST
Performance Test With Safari :

Apples Web browser Safari was also tested on our machine . We concluded it kept intermediate memory between Google chrome & Mozilla Firefox , consuming about 59 Mb of RAM in windows 8. Generally Safari consumes about 22 Mb of RAM & in Background , WebKit2WebProcess of Safari consumes 37 Mb,which give total 59 Mb.

Safari Proof Task Manager -ITTWIST
Performance Test With Opera :

After testing Opera on windows 8 , we get very surprising result . It consumes too much RAM ie., 157 Mb on a single Tab .

Opera Proof Task Manager -ITTWIST


After the several memory tests we have concluded the list of the web browsers having better compatibility with Windows 8

Memory Efficient:

1. Internet Explorer ( Default )
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Apple Safari
4. Google chrome
5. Opera

So, According to several memory tests made by windows task manager we have concluded Internet Explorer ( Default Browser in Windows 8 ) is the most memory efficient browser as compare to all other browsers.

By this test we doesn’t means that there is not any alternative for reducing Memory consumption , there are many add ons available , by which we can reduce memory consumption in browsers.

Every browsers are good , having its own unique feature. Since We are providing you the list of the Memory efficient Web browser , according to that point Safari is best.

If  You have certain queries or suggestions regarding the post please feel free to ask by leaving your comment!.

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