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Access Wikipedia Offline Without Internet - Ittwist

Wikipedia is one of the quality information providing website regarding almost everything. It has millions of articles & traffic of almost billions visitor per month. It is available almost in 253 languages worldwide. Wikipedia provides you full information regarding any topic in which you are interested. It includes the background history of that topic , about its depth knowledge & also provides the advancements in that topic.
In order to access wikipedia offline without having internet access , follow the simple steps.

There are many application available on the internet for accessing Wikipedia Offline but the better application is Portable Wikipedia which includes all the million articles with the images. 


1. Download Portable Wikipedia Application from LINK ( Almost 176 MB ).
2. Extract the zip file & run the Wikipedia W file .
3. Enter the subject in the search box without accents or without spaces.

* All Files must be present in a singe directory to run.


Access Wikipedia Offline Without Internet proof - Ittwist
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