5 Ways To Drive Traffic To A Website

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To A Website 

Making website is so easy , but maintaining the website is difficult than that . Many website developers got frustrated as they had given so much hard-work to their website but website failed to attract the users. If you are one amongst them who are looking for an awesome trick to generate website traffic  then this article might be very much beneficial to you.

We are providing you an awesome ways by which you can increase your web traffic by certain extent.
But be sure that you perform these tricks on the regular basis , after the posting of each post you have to follow these steps.
1. Social Media Optimization :
After posting each post , share that post among various social networking website available over the internet.   Sharing the content over the social networking website not only increase your website traffic but also makes an huge impact over the various search engines.
There are many social networking website available like Facebook , Google+, Twitter , StumbleUpon , Digg , Delicious , Reddit . Make a habit of yours , after posting each article submit the content to all of the listed websites .
StumbleUpon & Reddit are two really important websites that will encourage the visitors to come to yours website.
So, We are providing you the social networking websites order in which they bought traffic to your website.
2. Submit your Sitemap to Google or Bing Webmasters :

After posting each of the article , submit that URL to the Google bot or Bing bot . If you have more than 4-5 articles in a single day then submit the sitemap again to the webmaster. Generally , submitting sitemap will fetch & index each URL of your website. So you will get more of the traffic from the search engines like google.com , yahoo.com etc.

3. Write Unique Content & Have Patience.

Always write unique content for a website because visitors love to read new articles . Do not copy and paste from another website , it will lead to copyright violations & Visitors will not come to your website anymore.
Think for a long term , not short term . If your website is having lower traffic now , then don’t get frustrated believe in yourself . Write your original posts & it will automatically force to attract visitors to your website.
Most of the website developers use any other free templates available over the internet . Don’t use it as that  templates includes many hidden links within itself that will increase your bounce rate & your website failed to attract most of the visitors.
Be Patient & Persistent
You must have enough patience. Many of web-developers give up when their  website failed to attract visitors but they don’t know after  consistent unique post they can create a benchmark over the internet.

4. Comment on High Traffic Websites.

Have an awesome Comment on other websites  that have high traffic by encouraging everyone to visit your website & give your link with that comment . Generally when the visitors of that website , likes your comment they will like to visit to your website. This will not improve your traffic but also improve Google page rank & Alexa Rank

5. Be Persistent & Polite :

By Persistent we mean that you must have to post at least 1 article per day . Show the search engines that your website is constantly updating , search engines love to crawl the persistent website. 
Don’t forget to choose title of the post by the Google Keywords :
By Polite we mean that always reply to your comment politely . Don’t dare to comment rudely it will ruin your website reputation.

Don’t dare to comment like this to your visitors. They will not come to website again.

Don't Comment Like This

Always Comment Like this which show how dedicated you are to your visitors.

Always Comment Like This

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