5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

5 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

Linux and windows both the operating system is good for their own reasons. Windows have many features , which has attracted billions of users . Linux being an open source has created its benchmark over the users by offering premium features , free of cost. Now , windows is based upon a hybrid kernel ie., Windows NT & many advancements has been introduced in linux kernels . Both the operating system has created an abundant advancements in the terms of memory usage , CPU usage as well as response rate. Apart from this let me tell you what are the main reasons where linux being an free operating system beats paid operating system Windows.

Generally Windows is an operating system which was developed by Microsoft corporations & Linux is an open source operating system , by this we mean we can use or modify the linux as the way we want and the main thing is all of this absolutely free of cost ! This is the reason why linux market is growing up these days.

In The coming years there is a huge estimate of linux about 25 millions users , that is too huge in the field of technology. Linux has also been favoured by many universities , colleges and schools that has attracted youth over the globe.

After having a gist of the windows and linux , Lets move to the main reasons why linux is better than windows is :

1. Highly Secure :

The main plus point of the linux is security . In windows , we have generally noticed it is very much prone to viruses , threats and malware which destroys computer performance by slowing it down. in Linux , there is main  feature that it doesn’t supports viruses which doesn’t interfere with your computer speed.

Generally, viruses are made in .exe files ie., executable files , which windows uses as default for running applications but in linux there is no such restriction because it doesn’t supports exe files. So, it doesn’t supports viruses too.

2. Fast Boot :

Now linux operating system boots faster as compare to windows operating system. The linux kernels are much improved which boots them up within few seconds .

Like Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Fedora etc. are linux operating system that boots within 15 seconds.

We are showing you a video depicted ubuntu , using linux kernel to boot at faster speed.

Puppy Linux , a smallest linux distro that is about 150 MB boots within 5 s , that loads perfectly into RAM & consumes low hardware in your computer .

To read more about the smaller operating system ( Puppy Linux ) , follow this link.


3. Built In Software Packages :

In windows we have to install extra , must have softwares for eg., MS Office. But linux have much smaller size (Less than 2 GB) as compare to windows ( More than 2GB ). It includes the packages like Libre office, Cloud storage , browsers as default which is there when you install it.

4. No Cost !!:

No Cost ! - ITTWIST

Windows operating system is paid ,which offers the users to try it & activate their operating system  at the reasonable prices. But Mostly users activate their windows operating system by unfair practices by using cracks or activators which contains viruses . To read what is difference between Original & Pirated Windows follow this link.


 Linux is free of cost , you can easily download the distro on the manufacturer website & install it on your machine.

5. Crashes rarely :

If you are using windows , you might experience  a crashing problem means windows operating system generally involves blue screen of death ( Involves a blue screen after which your pc restarts ). But in linux , operating system crashes rarely . Sometimes the operating systems application programs freezes but do not lead to restart or unwanted crash.

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