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PC ran into Problem - ITTWIST

Windows 8 is great operating system having great memory management techniques. If you have windows 8 and suffering from the light blue screen error saying your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart . In order to solve this kind of error we have a certain steps which not only correct this error but also optimise your computer performance.

Here is the list of the steps which will surely solve up your problem.Generally this problem is related to the memory or hard disk , you can easily optimize your memory and hard disk with various tools provided by the micosoft.

Memory Test :

Firstly, Generates the memory test of your system . In order to initiate this

a.) Press Win+R key , type MdSched.exe Hit ENTER.
b.) Select “Restart Now & Check for Problem” & This option will automatically fix the problems related to memory.

PC ran into Problem 1- ITTWIST

Chkdsk Utility :

Go to the left down corner where start menu icon appears while hovering , just right click on it and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
After this type chkdsk in the command prompt & this will correct your hard disk related problems.

PC ran into Problem 2- ITTWIST

Optimise Your Disk :

Optimisation of disk is very important , this will de fragment your hard disks bad sectors & correct it.
In order to run this utility follow this steps.

a.) Press Win+R key , Type dfrgui.exe & hit ENTER.
b.) Optimize your all listed hard drives.

After this reboot your pc & you will solved that problem .Enjoy..

PC ran into Problem 3 - ITTWIST

After Following this Settings Follow This Main Procedure :

1. Right Click Computer & Click On Advance System Settings

2. Go To ” Advance Tab “

Click on Settings

3. Navigate to Startup and Recovery tab & Tune Up with Following Settings

*Disable Automatic restart.
*Select Small Dump Memory 128 KB

Tune Up Your PC With This Settings

4. Save The Above Settings & Restart Your PC.

If you have any queries or suggestions leave a comment below!

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