Windows 8 Consumes Less RAM


Windows 8 is the best operating system with blazing fast speed. According to certain reviews & testing we have concluded that windows 8 is most memory efficient operating system means it consumes less memory. Consuming less memory in windows 8 is implemented by certain algorithms based upon latest technology.
Generally consuming less memory leads to fast speed which further leads to overall improvement of operating system.
Comparison with the older versions

Microsoft started its Operating system from windows 95 to its present version windows 8. In the intermediate , they have launched windows XP,vista & windows 7 . Windows XP was quite appreciated for its smaller size & better performance whereas its Vista distribution fails to gain popularity since it consumes more RAM. Now lets compare windows 8 with its previous version windows 7 in terms of memory effeciency.



Clearly from the above graph obtained from our review, Windows 8 takes low memory as compare to its previous version windows 7.

The main reason behind this is windows 8 is built with the new technology & main focus is presented on “Performance”. Apart from this windows 8 doesn’t includes the duplicate contents in RAM , since many operating system includes copy of the data in several parts of RAM which leads to more memory consumption hence they consumes more RAM . Windows 8 also have an automatic resource manager which manages the allocated resources in RAM & automatically frees them according to prioritization.

If you want more performance, better speed we’ll suggest you to upgrade your current edition of windows to windows 8.

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