Top 3 Operating Systems 2013


Operating system is a bundle of software which manages your computer hardware. There are many operating system like under Microsoft platform there is Windows 8,7,Vista,XP etc while under Linux platform there is fedora,Ubuntu,mint etc , Macintosh under Apple platform.Among our special testing and reviews we’ve  rated it.

We have tested all the operating systems on our machine having 8 GB RAM, 1 TB hard disk . Our testing & reviews are not based on Virtual machine , we have tested it on hard disk

1. Windows 8 :


Windows 8 professional have attracted the user so much. After the release preview of windows 8 , they have fix many bugs & launched its fresh fast Professional editions.


1. Memory Efficient

2. Awesome Graphics

3. Great Troubleshoot

4. Really very fast *

5. Metro UI interface rocks replacing annoying Aero Interface in Windows 7.

6. Bundled Apps

7. GUI Updated

8. Music App Rocks


1. No start Button, but you can configure it.

2. Difficult to Understand for Fresh users.

* We have tested on our machine & it is blazing fast.

2. Ubuntu 12.10


 Ubuntu is debian based operating system that already creates its benchmark in linux . But , with its latest version ie., 12.10 it has upgraded its latest kernel & fix the previous bugs of apps crashing.


1. GUI Improved.

2. Little Bit Faster.

3. Fast boot

4. Lighter Weight

5. Awesome Software Center

6. Ubuntu Cloud ( 5 GB Free Cloud Storage)

7. Virus Free

8. Unity Panel rocks

9. Awesome effects with Cairo Dock

10. Free Of Cost


1. Problems with Bluetooth

2. If you are new, then you will dont know what to do & how to use , but you can easily fix it here

 3. Windows 7:


Windows 7 being the most stable operating system but its rank has been dropped from number two to three because the launch of new operating systems like windows 8 , ubuntu 12.10 has been take over the market of windows 7.


1. Easy to Understand

2. Medium Boot speed

3.Awesome GUI


1. Virus prone

2. Aero Stucks

3. Slower Speed than windows 8 & ubuntu 12.10

4. Consumes More RAM , since new technology has been added to the windows 8 & ubuntu 12.10

If you are stuck to choose which operating system. We’ll guide you which is better , Simply Leave your query as a Comment below !

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