Top 3 Free Antivirus 2013

Top 3 Antivirus Free -ITTWIST

Antivirus is a very important protection tool used to block and remove all the threats, virus,malware etc that can destroy the functioning of your computer. Generally there are two kinds of antivirus softwares provided by manufacturer ie.,

  • Free Antivirus
  • Paid Antivirus

Free antivirus tool gives you optimal protection regarding threats. Paid antivirus if you can buy then its fine it will give you protection otherwise when you dare to crack it illegally then it will change your antivirus settings and your antivirus doesn’t detects any virus or threats.

We are providing you the top 3 free antivirus that gives you premium like protection. Means it will gives you optimal protection plus security features also

1. AVAST Antivirus :

Top 3 Antivirus Free1 -ITTWIST

Avast is a best antivirus software that gives us many features to protect our PC , other than this is also gives the voice notifications that may sounds cool to you

Avast free antivirus have a powerful engine that blocks and easily removes the threats.

Top 3 Antivirus Free2 -ITTWIST


1. Easily detects & remove threats from the system.
2. Give the web guard that prevent us from visiting suspicious websites.
3. Different Networking sheilds
4. Boot time scan
5. Additional Protections also given.
6. Voice Notifications supported.

Download link:


Top 3 Antivirus Free 3-ITTWIST

AVG also provides top class protection against viruses, malware. AVG antivirus is opted by many professionals.


1. Scans & stops the viruses.
2. Easy & flexible.
3. Boot time scans
4. Fast detect rate.
5. Rated good by many professionals.
6. Advanced Privacy controls

Download link:

 AVG Antivirus


Avira has been a leader in the antiviruses. In this year 2013 it has modernize the installation process & makes it more memory efficient. detection rates also has been excellently improved.


1. Real time protection

2. Faster detection rate.

3. Anti Ad & spyware blocker

4. Website safety advisor.

5. Browser tracking blocker .

Download link :

If you have any query or suggestion regarding any antivirus please feel free to contact us by leaving your comment below.

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