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Smallest Operating system - ITTWIST

Operating system is used to interact your hardware part to software part . There are many operating systems like windows, ubuntu , macintosh etc , but all are about 600 MB – 5 GB in size. Now, Puppy Linux an another wonderful operating system whose size is almost less than 100 MB . It has many features :

We have tested Puppy Linux on our machine , From the following Scenerio We have Its following Cons & Pros:-


1. Pretty Low Size : It Has Very Low Size ie., About 90 Mb.

2. Fast : It Is Supreme fast Because Of its Smaller Size It Runs Of RAM.

3. Portable : You can Try It By Making Bootable CD/USB And Run It Via Live USB / CD.

4. Works better on older computers : If you have an older pc you can even run puppy linux on there , in ultra fast speed.

5. Rescue: You can even use puppy linux to rescue or recover your files in case of emergency.


1. It Has Low GUI (Graphical User Inteface).

2. Difficult to Understand.

3. Cannot be used as default OS.

So from the following pros and cons we conclude that it has not that much capability that it can be your default operating system . It is better to use puppy linux on USB ,CD because it has low size.

Steps To Install Puppy Linux On USB.

1.  Download Unet Bootin 
Download - ITTWIST
2.  Download official Puppy Linux Distribution.
Download - ITTWIST
3.  Run Unet Bootin , Dialogue box will appear click Yes .
Unet Bootin - Puppy Linux
4. Select the radio button Diskimage & Select your puppy iso in unet bootin software .
Unet Bootin 2-Puppy Linux
Note : Select the drive carefully.
Click OK
5. Start the process to create live usb.
Unet Bootin 4-Puppy Linux
6. Restart your PC & Hold F11 Button from keyboard.
7. Run Puppy Linux.
Puppy Screenshot -ITTWIST

If you have any certain query or suggestion , please feel free to ask us by leaving your precious comment below!

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