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Original Vs Pirated - ITTWIST

In this article , I am going to tell you what is the difference in Original & Pirated operating system like Windows 8 . Generally original means something you download from the official website with their consent . Pirated means something you download from any other website provided by someone else.

Original Operating System :

Original operating system means when you download the iso from the manufacturer. As windows 8 , When you directly download the iso file of windows 8 from microsoft with their consent then it is said to be original operating system.For more clarity , see the diagram below :
Original Download - ITTWIST


So , this has more advantages:

  • No Modification
  • Fast Boot
  • Fast Access
  • Crashing Level Is Low
  • Few Seconds To Install ( Main Component )
  • Genuine License From the manufacturer. 

Pirated Operating System :

Pirated Means anything you download from any other website , in which manufacturer doesn’t play any role. In this, first the iso is download or buy by a user , which creates further modification in the source code for unfair practices & Fool the people by providing it.

In this , for any damage caused you cannot contact to the manufacturer since you have downloaded illegally from any other website.

When you download windows 8 or any other operating system from torrents or any other file sharing websites , then it is said to be pirated since it is uploaded by user . In this case the chances of modification of original bits present in the original iso is bright. 

For more clarity see the diagram 

Pirated Download - ITTWIST

This has various Disadvantages.

  • More Time to install
  • Slow Operating system
  • Chances of Crashing is bright
  • Slow Booting
  • Modification in source code.
We have tested both the Genuine & Pirated Windows 8 , Following Conclusions are made

( Low Is Better )

Original : 10 Minutes
Pirated :  50 Minutes

( Low Is Better )

Original : Instantly
Pirated : 6 s


Original : Less
Pirated : More


Original :High
Pirated : Low


If you want to download Windows 8 or any other operating system buy or download by the main manufacturer website rather than any other uploading websites.

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If you have any certain queries or suggestions , please feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

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