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 How google Ranks your webpage - ITTWIST

Google is a popular search engine , it index every webpage into their database & display that webpage into their website. After Indexing , it ranks your website ( Which webpage has to appear first ). In other words , there are many webpages or websites available on the internet having same or different keywords , titles etc. So, to appear your webpage in top of google , you must understand ranking criterion of google.

TITLEThe Main heading of the website is referred as title , title must be brief , objective describing & effective .  Whenever a user types something into google first title matching occurs. The webpage is displayed at the top of the google which has most keywords typed by user, founds in that webpage title tag.

META DESCRIPTION : The text that appears in bottom of title in search engine is referred as meta description. Meta description must contains rich keywords , that user usually searches in search engines.

META KEYWORDS : Meta Keywords is the important rich keywords that is included in the article. You must not include that keywords which has no use in your website . In the previous time period , almost in 1995 the meta keywords is given most attention

At that time if you have an website based upon computers & you include meta keyword as cricket then in the cricket searches your website appears

Now the scenario has been changed , the keyword is search in your article & ranking is made.

If you want to include all of this to your webpage read this post

The Google Rank Your Webpages by following this procedure.

Google Ranking Priority - ITtwist

In this priority chart, it is concluded that Title is given most importance than Meta description & Meta description is given more importance then Meta Keywords .

Active Search Result Example:

in the above screenshot i have searched for ” linux distros 2013 ” then search engine searched this keywords in my title tags , its found . Then it search that keywords in my description , it is found . That’s why my Article is in top of the google .
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