Hide Confidential Data On Notepad

Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 1- ITTWIST

If you have any of the secure data or content , what would you prefer a .doc file to a .txt document . You answer must be a doc file because we can make a several securities on the file like password etc. Now I am going to share with you a simple trick to hide your confidential data in the .txt file Means a notepad document. Sounds cool? . So follow the simple steps to hide it.


1. Press Win+R key & type cmd after opening it press ” Enter “.

Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 1- ITTWIST

This step will open command prompt & follow the step 2.

2.  Set your directory in the command prompt , it will be default as C:/users/username , if you want to use directory then the file must be saved in this directory. If you want to use any other directory then no problem , the file will be saved in that very directory.

After this type this lines in notepad to create a file

notepad AnyName.txt:AnyData.txt

Where AnyName means your file name & AnyData is the hidden stream that will be included in your File name file.


We’ve used the following lines in the command prompt

notepad ittwist.txt:123.txt  

Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 2- ITTWIST
3. After pressing enter key , following dialogue box appears along with notepad  that will say             
  Cannot find the file . Do you Want to create a new file ?
Doesn’t confuse simply press yes, that file will be created in that very directory.
Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 3- ITTWIST
4. Now Type whatever you want to type in that very file & save that file.
Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 4- ITTWIST

5. Now open that file in that very directory where you set your path in command prompt. like mine was 
Now open your file that you have secured like mine was Name.txt
Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 5- ITTWIST

 You Will See , you have successfully hide the contents of a file.
6. If you want to read the contents of that very file , simply type
more < AnyName.txt:AnyData.txt 
Like we have used more < ittwist.txt:123.txt  
as our file name was ittwist & a code or data asscociated with it was 123
Hide Confidential Data On Notepad 6- ITTWIST
If you have any certain kind query or suggestion please feel free to ask by leaving your comment
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