Evaluate Windows 8 Enterprise For 6 Months Free

Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation is an operating system that is provided for download for free by microsoft . Now you can easily test & run windows 8 with full features for 6 months . Generally Evaluation version is is provided for 3 months & you can extend its activation to 6 months. The Download contains the original iso of the windows 8 provided by microsoft.



1. Click on the following link & download the official iso file provided by microsoft .

Go to end of the webpage , following things will appear.

 Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Webpage - ITTWIST 

Click on Your preferred architecture of windows 8 & click on GET STARTED NOW >> .

2. After Downloading, double click on the above iso & burn it to the disk.

3. Press F11 key during boot & install Windows 8.

You Will Get Following Advantages or Benifits
  • You will get Windows 8 iso file directly from microsoft with valid serial key
  • You will get full access to all features of Windows 8
  • Since its original link , this will make windows 8 Install to your system in lesser time as compare to Pirated Windows 8 links.


While you complete the above installation you will reactivate it by entering following code into the Command Prompt. Make sure you have run Command prompt with administrator privileges.

If you have following queries or suggestions , post a comment below.


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  1. What time period does the evaluation period extend if i enter the code?????




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