Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Elegant Webfonts

Drive Traffic To your website using elegant fonts -ittwist

Are you owning any website & fed up from the classic fonts like Arial,verdena etc ? Then import some elegant webfonts to your website. The stylish fonts not only improve the look of your website but also increase your website traffic also by catching the readers attention to your website.
To import the elegant fonts to the website , there are many website available. We are providing you some safe website, by which you can choose your elegant webfonts & import it to your website.

The list of the websites are:

1. Google Webfonts:

Google Webfonts 1 - ITTWIST

Google is a leader in the webfonts market , they includes bundles of elegant fonts . It also provides easy interface to the user by which you can choose & easily import it to your website


To apply the Google webfonts to your website , here is the simple steps for you:

1. Go to .

2. You will see there are many fonts which have stylish looks , Choose what is looking best to you according to your choice .

Google Webfonts 2 - ITTWIST

3. After choosing click on “Add to Collection ” button , a small dialogue will appear below click on ” Use “.

4. After Scrolling Down you will see there is  code for that particular font , copy that code & place it to your website under starting of <head> tag.

 NOTE: This step will import that font from the Google webfonts website , to apply the font follow the 5th step.

Google Webfonts 3 - ITTWIST

5.After this integrate the desired webfont to your website , by copying the CSS attribute

for eg.,

font-family: ‘Kavoon’, cursive;

Google Webfonts 4 - ITTWIST

2. Adobe Webfonts  :

Adobe Webfonts 1 - ITTWIST

Adobe is a leader in providing some excellent website tools like Dreamweaver,flash,Photoshop etc. It also offers some elegant fonts to the websites.


To apply the Adobe webfonts to your website , here is the simple steps for you:

1. Go To .

2. After this there are many webfonts provided in the drop down menu , select any one .

Adobe Webfonts 2 - ITTWIST

3. Code will generated below & place it immediately after <head> tag of your website.

Adobe Webfonts 3 - ITTWIST

4. After this integrate that code in CSS by copying the another code of css below.

eg.,  font-family: league-gothic, serif;

Adobe Webfonts 4 - ITTWIST


 If you are using the font in the heading section copy the code as it is ie.,

h1 {
  font-family: league-gothic, serif;

otherwise use it simply as.

  font-family: league-gothic, serif;

under any css attributes.

If you have certain queries or suggestions , post your comment below

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