Change Your System Score In Windows 7


System score is a rating that is made by microsoft , calculated by various algorithms. Generally , System score with higher rating means your computer is high performance driven . System scores with lower rating means your computer has low performance hardware set. The Ratings varies from 1.0 to 7.9 . Here is the simple trick by which you can impress your friends by increasing your system score.


1. Click On Start button , and Right click on Notepad and Run as Administrator.
2.Click On File->Open .
3.Locate the following File C:WindowsPerformanceWinSATDataStore Directory


4.Open the “2012-11-30 Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT “.

Note -> The file name varies PC to PC & locate the end keywords of the file (Formal.Assessment (Recent).WinSAT)

5.Now press CTRL+F & type your current rating .


Now Replace it with any number you want ( don’t exceed it beyond 7.9 )


6.Now Examine your system score & Impress your friends.

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