Best Way To Learn PHP

Php Resource - ITTWIST

PHP ( Hypertext Preprocessor ) is a server side web programming language. It has wide scope today , & it will be an evergreen field in coming years too. If you are interested in learning PHP then here is the quickest & effective way of learning PHP.


1. Go to PHP official website.

2. Click on Documentation tab listed below the main heading of website.

3. Download Documentation into any formats & any language.

Php Official Website Documentation - ITTWIST

4. Just Learn PHP from the main documentation provided by

Things To Keep In Mind :

  • Don’t Give Up. PHP is really very vast & you can do bundles of magic with it. So be consistent & have patience for learning it.
  • Dont follow any another website for studying PHP, since they skip some important concepts that is covered by Main official website of PHP
  • Don’t view it , Just Implement it & solve some another examples.
  • also offers User Notes in Documentation.

If you have any queries regarding PHP resources over internet you can ask us by leaving a comment below!

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