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 Best os -ittwist

Operating system has a collection of software's that manages computer hardware. Operating system performs the vital tasks such as inputting text from user, displaying something on output screen . In this Technological world , we have less time & we need better performances . On the basis of this criterion , we have provided the list of best operating system of year 2013.
There are various types of operating system like Microsoft's Windows , Linux Distros , Apple Macintosh & Various other operating systems.

We have tested all of the operating system on our machine & concluded following rankings of the various operating systems .

1. Ubuntu 12.10 :

Ubuntu is a popular linux based distribution , developed by canonical corporations . Ubuntu has attracted so many users in world , since it have following pros .


1. Elegant Graphics

2. Superb Looks

3. Faster Access

4. Virus Free ( Since Viruses are mostly .exe , linux ignores it)

5. Ultimate GUI (Graphical User Interface)

6. Free Ubuntu One Cloud Storage Upto 5GB.

7. Reduced Size of .iso image file ie., almost 700 MB.

8. Better Stability ( Its Crashes few times )

9. Awesome Software Center ( Having more than thousands apps & games )

10. Built in Libra Office .( You don't need to install office its per-included in ubuntu distro)

11. Free Updates & Upgrades
12. Free Operating system.


1. It doesn't include audio,video codecs but you can install it via installing ubuntu restricted extras in its software center.

2. It doesn't include support of .exe file but you can run it by installing software called 'Wine' in the software center.

2. Windows 8 :-

Best os 2 -ittwist"

Windows is a popular operating system invented by Microsoft corporations. It has started its operating system from windows 95 & latest is Wiondows 8


1. Awesome Metro UI

2.  Better Stability

3. Great GUI (Graphical User Interface)

4. Can be used as primary OS.

5. Awesome Support With Tablets


1. Virus Prone

2. Paid

3. Start menu dissapeared

4. Size is high almost 4 GB

3. Macintosh 

Best os 3 -ittwist

Macintosh is a powerful operating system having elegant graphics . It is developed by Apple Corporations leader in I-phones market. It has following pros & cons


1. Fabulous Graphics.

2. Awesome Interface

3. Better Stability

4. Great Effetcs


1. Low Stability

2. Paid Upgrades , Updates

3. Virus Prone

4. Size is large almost 3 GB

4. Windows 7:

best os win 7 ittwist

Windows 7 is an awesome operating system , developed by Microsoft in 2009 . It has adopted by billions of users , and it has been also voted As stable OS. It has following Pros & cons.


1. Good GUI

2. Great Aero Effects

3.  Nice Animations

4. Better Stability

5. Less Vulnerable


1. Crashes Several times .

2. Virus Prone

3. Blue screen of death has most chances to occur

4. Paid Upgrades

5. Large Size almost 3-4 GB

5. Linux Mint

Best os 5 -ittwist

Linux mint is ubuntu based operating system , or you can say that it is just polished ubuntu. It is lovely operating system with few users. It has following pros & cons.


1. Virus Free

2. Faster

3. Software center pre-included

4. Audio & video codecs pre-included

5. Better Stability.


1. Low Graphical User Interface.


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  1. Great article!
    Helped a lot in choosing my OS! Thank you very much!

  2. I'm sticking to windows XP.

    Alot of applicable applications.
    Easy to install
    Great for home-based workers with slow PC

    updates for Xp will be discontinued soon.
    New or updates of applications are being enhanced to make it not applicable to XP.

    1. i agreee with u dude , my parents till now using wXP and i loook it is very light and fast when it being used for how long , its still the same result , i compare my parents os than mine (W7) its more better WXP than W7

  3. Awesome you shared me some operating system that is very useful for general and in business use especially the operating system related to windows 8 you have describe it successfully, rather all these software system or operating system have their advantages which makes them different from each other.

  4. What was used to make ubuntu 12.10 look like that?

  5. Ubuntu was awesome with software updates directly when connected to internet

  6. Great article! But are not as prone to viruses as windows and also add that mac comes with built in security system that scans apps before opening it.

  7. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Linux Mint below Windows and the last one in ranking, and according to you it has a bad GUI? You gotta be kidding me.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Actually sir linux operating system are not fully virus free.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I think windows 7 is great operating system with its support and reliable enviornment for development.

  12. great post admin..!!
    i'd like to share this post on my website too

  13. Μην λέτε βλακείες και μου ενεβαίνει η πίεση τα Windows 8 είναι το καλύτερο λειτουργηκό σύστημα στον κόσμο καικαι το ubuntu ειναι χαλια το dashboard γιατι μιαζει με MAC OS και τα απεχθανωμαι τα MAC OS

  14. I'd disagree with some of the Mac cons.
    1) I've owned my Mac for five years and it's never had a virus once. I check it weekly.
    2) Paid upgrades. Upgrades to the existing operating system are free. It's only when they release a completely new operating system that they charge you, and they're not even doing that with OSX Yosemite.
    3) Low stability. I'd disagree. Like I said my Mac is five years old but it's only completely frozen like twice and I have to force quit non-responding applications on average perhaps once or twice a month.




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