Windows 8 Vs Ubuntu 12.10 – The Complete Review

Windows Vs Ubuntu -ITTWIST

Windows And Ubuntu Are Two Distros Of Different Platforms. Windows Is Of Microsoft Platform & Ubuntu Is Of LINUX Platform

We’Have Tested Both Windows 8 R.P & Ubuntu 12.04 On Core I7 Processor , 8 Gb Ram Following Conclusions Are:

Points Of Comparison Windows 8 Ubuntu 12.04
Platform Microsoft Linux
Safety Less More
Internet Speeds More Less
Graphics It Has Metro Desktop Environment, Which Seems More Stable Than Aero In Windows 7 More Efficiently Desktop Environments For Eg; Cinnamon Desktop, Default Unity Theme, LUBUNTU(Older System)
Cost $200 Free
Compatibility It has a bundles of Applications & Integrated Environment Which Seems More Catchy & Elegant It Has No Ability to Run Windows Applications But You Can Run It By Installing WINE
Speed Very Much Faster Speed As compare to previous versions Faster & Much Improved OS
GUI Great Graphical User Interface In METRO UI But have a lots Of BUGS Great GUI Wih Unity , You can Experience the Ultimate Graphics by Installing MAC Like Dock Named CAIRO DOCK
Boot time 8s 9s
Sutting down Time 16s 8s


By Discussing All Of the Features Of Windows 8 & Ubuntu 12.04, We would suggest you that you must try any these of operating system since they are most elegant & Stable.

Accoding To Our The Rating Is As Follows


4/5 3.5/5
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