Windows 8 Vs Ubuntu 12.10 - The Complete Review

Windows Vs Ubuntu -ITTWIST

Windows And Ubuntu Are Two Distros Of Different Platforms. Windows Is Of Microsoft Platform & Ubuntu Is Of LINUX Platform
We'Have Tested Both Windows 8 R.P & Ubuntu 12.04 On Core I7 Processor , 8 Gb Ram Following Conclusions Are:

Points Of Comparison Windows 8 Ubuntu 12.04
Platform Microsoft Linux
Safety Less More
Internet Speeds More Less
Graphics It Has Metro Desktop Environment, Which Seems More Stable Than Aero In Windows 7 More Efficiently Desktop Environments For Eg; Cinnamon Desktop, Default Unity Theme, LUBUNTU(Older System)
Cost $200 Free
Compatibility It has a bundles of Applications & Integrated Environment Which Seems More Catchy & Elegant It Has No Ability to Run Windows Applications But You Can Run It By Installing WINE
Speed Very Much Faster Speed As compare to previous versions Faster & Much Improved OS
GUI Great Graphical User Interface In METRO UI But have a lots Of BUGS Great GUI Wih Unity , You can Experience the Ultimate Graphics by Installing MAC Like Dock Named CAIRO DOCK
Boot time 8s 9s
Sutting down Time 16s 8s


By Discussing All Of the Features Of Windows 8 & Ubuntu 12.04, We would suggest you that you must try any these of operating system since they are most elegant & Stable.

Accoding To Our The Rating Is As Follows


4/5 3.5/5


Windows 5100464813743305969

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  1. Replies
    1. Harkamal Singh Yeah it doesn't boots in 8 sec might be you have tried any another version of windows

  2. Microsoft is built on the NT kernel, not the "Microsoft" platform. I'm glad you got it sort of write with Ubuntu, it is built on the Linux kernel. Although I wouldn't call its kernel a platform, same with its supporting company. Just though I'd point that out.

    1. By this i mean that windows 8 is an variant of microsoft , based upon this we can say that it is of Microsoft platform .
      & Rest Linux is called as platform , since many os can be derived from it & it is referred as Platform ..
      Thanks For Comment ! & Keep Visiting

  3. Ubuntu 12.10 is much better than Windows 8.. for following reasons
    1. don't like mobile like interface for computer.. windows sucks.
    2. it costs around 12,000 Indian rupees for a shit OS without MS office which is not good for 30% of Indian youth, which is around 400million.
    3. Ubuntu is fast. i don’t wait for searching my files, music.. it gives results in a fraction of a secound.
    4. Very Secure.. don’t have virus problem.
    5. never says .. NOT RESPONDING .. kind of shit.
    6. Some doc gives the fell like you are runing an apple os on any normal pc.
    7. Windows is COMMERCIAL and Ubuntu is SOCIAL.
    8. Don't need to buy an additional anti-virus software

    Note ; Windows can't be compared with Ubuntu 12.10. I Hate Windows... May be because of its price 12k(for Os) + MS office (4200) + 1200 (antivirus) + applications in windows store.. all basic and good app cost as high as 500 r.. shit this amount can give you a SAMSUNG NOTE II in India..

    1. Well said ! Thanks for adding your valuable suggestion.

    2. "Don't need to buy an additional anti-virus software"

      To be fair, Windows 8 is the first version of Windows that has a full anti-virus software already built in; the former "Microsoft Security Essentials" are now a part of the OS. So you do not need to purchase another anti-virus software. However, you still can if you want something that you trust more. Also, at least for private and home users, there have been free anti-virus software suite available free of charge for years from Avast, Avira and others.

      Windows 8 probably is the fastest and most responsive version of the Windows NT family that Microsoft has shipped since Windows 2000. The new user interface might not be everybody's cup of tea (it certainly is not one of my favorites), but you have to acknowledge that the developers at Microsoft did an awesome job at optimizing the platform for speed AND security AND stability.

      Of course, being a Xubuntu 12.04.2 LTS user myself on all of my private machines and being in charge of a farm of Ubuntu Servers at work, I'm normally a bit biased towards Canonical and their awesome OS family.

      But at the end of the day, both Windows and Ubuntu have their individual strengths and weaknesses. The reality remains that there are more comfortable and user friendly desktop applications available for the Microsoft platform - it's a simple and undeniable fact. If you need those commercial applications, that is an entirely different question. Most home users or software developers probably don't; the first group nowadays mostly lives in the web browser anyway and the second group codes their own stuff. In an office/business environment, however, the Microsoft desktop is king for a reason.

  4. Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't boot in 9" unless you stop and start the stopwatch.

  5. Take a look here ... and the specification machine used to test is a very good,




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